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Just Announced: Ford Eco Sport Coming in 2018

November 15th, 2016

At Borgman, we love West Michigan Winters and we love our leading lineup of Ford SUVs. But if a traditional SUV is a bit too much SUV for you, check out Ford’s new “compact SUV” just announced at the LA Auto Show. The Ford Eco Sport invites the compact SUV buyer to “Go Small – Live Big.”  We look forward to putting the new kid on the block through the paces in 2018!


Highlights from Ford’s announcement:


  • Ford introduces all-new EcoSport for North America today during the world’s first-ever Snapchat vehicle reveal; event kicks off a three-day interactive experience in Hollywood open to the public through Wednesday
  • Fun, capable and connected, EcoSport gives drivers the freedom and versatility to go small and live big
  • Technology – including SYNC 3 with a high-resolution 8-inch floating touch screen, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ – easily integrates your smartphone and keeps you connected to friends and family while on the move

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Ford’s Extended Service Plan

March 17th, 2015


At Borgman Ford, we want to ensure you’re getting the best service at the best prices. We strive to lead our customers to the endless benefits Ford offers their customers. Visit our page for an even more comprehensive look at Ford’s ESP plans.

Why Buy a Ford Extended Service Plan?

We’re proud to say that it’s plan is the ONLY extended service plan (ESP) backed by the Ford Motor Company. By paying for future repairs at today’s ESP cost, you will be protected against inflation and increasing parts and labor costs. It’s as simple as this: one repair bill can easily exceed the price of your Ford ESP coverage. The coverage can quickly pay for itself!

What is included in every service plan:

  • Service at all Ford and Lincoln dealers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Genuine Ford parts and service – all repairs are made with genuine Ford parts by factory trained and certified technicians
  • 24-hour roadside assistance (call 1-800-241-3673 toll free)
  • Rental vehicle benefits – provides coverage for up to 10 days of rental for a covered repair
  • Interest free payment option – finance your coverage in monthly installments with no interest or fees; everyone qualifies

So which of the four main plans is right for you?
From foundational coverage to Ford’s most exceptional coverage plan, read below and find out what level is fit for you.

Ford ESP PowertrainCare is the foundation for all new vehicle component plans. If you want the advantages of a Ford extended warranty but only want major mechanical component protection due to budget or other reasons, this is the plan for you. 29 vital components covered for New and Used vehicles.

Ford ESP BaseCare is the next step up from the Ford ESP PowertrainCare, offering a broader range of component protection. It’s for those that want a basic, yet thorough Ford extended warranty. 84 major components covered for New and Used vehicles.

Ford ESP ExtraCare provides the additional component coverage to the BaseCare plan and includes many high-tech items. If you want the advantages of a Ford extended warranty and the security of more comprehensive protection, this is the plan for you. 113 major components covered for New and Used vehicles.

Ford ESP PremiumCare provides the ultimate Ford extended warranty coverage. The plan is so complete that we only talk about what is not covered. It’s for those that want the advantages of an ESP with maximum component protection and high-tech coverage. Over 500 key components covered for New and Used vehicles.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this great coverage opportunity!

Ford F-150 Rescues Stuck Semi in Snowbound Chicago

February 9th, 2015

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 11.41.10 AMAt Borgman, we love the Ford F-150, and there’s little wonder why. It’s built to take the beating winter regularly dumps on the midwest! Alex Nunez wrote a great article for after receiving video evidence of Ford F-150’s award-winning “toughness” after a Chicago snow storm. The F-150 Fx4 EcoBoost towed the semi “like a tugboat pulling a grounded aircraft carrier to open water.” We thought we’d share this testament to our tough-built favorite truck. Check it out here:




Borgman Ford Commercial Solutions Welcomes New Team Member

November 18th, 2014

Sundw_useMeet Sundew Prindle, Commercial Business Manager

The team at Borgman Ford Commercial Solutions is delighted to announce the addition of Sundew Prindle as our new Commercial Business Manager. Sundew brings seven years experience in the automotive industry with Borgman to the role that was created specifically to ensure the smooth administration of financing and related business documentation. In her new role, Sundew will be assisting our clients in evaluating the best financing options available and taking care of the acquisition process every step of the way.

“Her attention to detail is exemplary and you can be assured excellence in customer service. Sundew is a person who gets things done,” said Matt Borgman, General Manager.

The Ford Business Partner Network welcomes the expansion of Borgman’s leading commercial solutions team, and is actively involved working with Sundew to create competitive packaging and options to suit West Michigan business needs in new ways.

“More and more customers are looking for customized transportation solutions that allow them to dedicate more of their time to their business.  Borgman Ford’s Commercial Team is transforming itself into a solutions-based department with a focus on the unique needs of the commercial customer,” said Tom Zakerski, Commercial Business Development Manager with the Detroit Region Ford Credit department.

Stop by or call Borgman today to learn how our commercial solutions team and Sundew can help you!

Buy A Ford, and Qualify for Tax Deductions!

November 18th, 2014

Business peopleBorgman Ford Commercial Solutions is gearing up for a strong fourth quarter finish in 2014. Our lot is stocked with the kind of Ford tough trucks and mpg-savvy fleet vehicles that help keep your business moving. This is your opportunity as a small or large business owner to save big during the fourth quarter. If you purchase eligible Ford vehicles before December 31, 2014, you may qualify for Sec. 179 business tax expense deductions!

According to the IRS, to qualify for the section 179 deduction, your property must be considered eligible depreciable property, be acquired for business use, and must be purchased at acquisition. While 179 has been revised for 2014, it’s still worth your while to take a look.

The deduction amount is generally the cost of the qualifying property. However, there are specifics that define the maximum depreciation deduction for passenger automobiles. Depending on the date you placed the automobile in service, the maximum deduction is established, as well as the 2nd, 3rd and thereafter maximum amount. There are even specific deduction amounts for trucks and vans, which will be of great help for the fleet buyers and business owners.

Click here to read further details on section 179 qualification provided by the IRS.

Check out this video chat with our own Scott Gibbons, Commercial Sales Manager, then give us a shout for your fourth quarter planning!



First Look at the 2015 Ford Edge

July 3rd, 2014

2015EdgeHow do you improve something that’s already really good? That was a challenge Ford faced with the 2015 Edge. The popular crossover-type sport utility vehicle was wise beyond its years when it arrived in dealerships in 2006, and it helped define what that segment would become. Strong sales proved Ford did it right.

Cut to present day: Could Ford take a beloved vehicle that’s technologically advanced, loaded with driver-assist systems and good-looking and make it better? The answer is yes!

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2015 Ford Transit: Coming Soon

June 4th, 2014

cq5dam.web.1024.768Hold onto your hats, Van Fans, because the new Ford Transit might just blow them away.

The all-new 2015 Ford Transit, America’s newest Built Ford Tough van, delivers as much as 46 percent better gas mileage than Ford E-Series and offers Ford van customers more choices and capability than ever.

Transit goes on sale for the first time at U.S. and Canadian dealerships this summer, eventually replacing America’s best-selling van for 35 years, E-Series, first sold in 1961 as Ford Econoline.

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Five Ford Vehicles Made the 200,000-Mile List

June 4th, 2014

social.fordWhen you think about buying a vehicle, what factors in? Fuel economy? Technology? Comfort? Performance? What about longevity?

Five Ford models were recently highlighted in a study that set 200,000 miles as a longevity milestone. analyzed 30 million cars for sale on its website, looking for long-lasting makes and models.

Pickups and SUVs topped the results, with the Ford F-250 Super Duty® coming in at number one in longevity. The study revealed that of the vehicles that had more than 200,000 miles, 4.2 percent were an F-250. The other Ford models in the top 20 were the Expedition, Explorer and F-150.

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Ultra-Light Ford Fusion Sheds 800 Pounds

June 4th, 2014

FordLightweightConcept-2Ford’s latest concept car is a familiar figure with a mind-blowing mass. It’s not just the skeletal paint-job – the Fusion you see here is built from the ground up with completely new materials.

Shedding about 25% of its current weight, the Ultra-Light Fusion concept balances the scale with the Fiesta, Ford’s smallest car. Its a powerful mix of carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, and high-strength steel that makes this grand sedan 800 pounds lighter.

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Solar C-MAX Boasts 21 Sunlit Miles

June 4th, 2014


Imagine running your Ford vehicle off pure sunlight. Sounds pretty neat, right? Thanks to one of Ford’s latest concept cars, this futuristic dream may be closer than you think.

C-MAX Solar Energi Concept aims to make green vehicles more accessible to drivers, eliminating the need for underdeveloped electric grids and capitalizing on one of our most abundant natural resources.

With a full charge, Ford said it will have the same total range as Ford’s conventional C-MAX Energi of up to 620 miles, which includes 21 electric-only miles.

Ford said the sun could power up to 75% of all trips made by an average driver in a solar hybrid vehicle, but it also didn’t elaborate on distance traveled. However, the concept vehicle is expected to reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions a typical owner would produce by four metric tons.

The concept may not be perfect, but it’s a step in a sustainable direction. We’re excited to see elements from this creep into the next Ford lineup!


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