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Mustang on the Autobahn

March 25th, 2013

Check out this article by Jeff Wise, detailing his adventures through Germany in a Shelby GT500 Mustang!

Before I accepted the mission, they swore me to secrecy. “You’ll leave for Germany in two days,” they said. “Are you in?”

Here was the deal: Somehow, somebody had gotten their hands on a brand-new Shelby GT500—the scorching 650-hp, 200-mph number produced in collaboration with Carroll Shelby—and shipped it to Germany. The plan was to quietly unleash this prodigy of American automotive engineering into the German industrial heartland, to go head to head with the world’s most fanatically performance-conscious drivers on the legendary no-speed-limit autobahn. Then I’d head off to the country’s endless skein of narrow, serpentine country roads.

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2013 Ford Fusion: A Photo Essay

March 25th, 2013

There’s no denying the new 2013 Ford Fusion is photogenic. One look at the design, then another look at the innovation that accompanies it, and you spot a package that is not only unique, but also stylish and sleek. It speaks to high fashion, eco-friendliness, global DNA and the future of technology. It also speaks to something that would be a blast to drive.

When it came to shooting photography of the Fusion, the question became, where? What location would also encompass those attributes? Turns out, it’s Brooklyn.

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10 Driving Tips from a 105-year-old Driver

March 25th, 2013

The Model T was born the same year as Edythe Kirchmaier: 1908. And like that famous Ford, Edythe is making automotive history of her own. In January 2013, she got her driver’s license renewed at age 105; it’s good for another five years.

Coincidentally, Edythe learned to drive in a Model T. “My uncle had a farm in northern Ohio, and when I was a teen, I would go up every summer to visit and he would let me drive it around the farm and on the dirt roads.” But she didn’t actually get her driver’s license until she moved from Chicago to Santa Barbara, California, with her husband, whom she met at work – they were both social workers; she was his supervisor. They realized they needed more than one car, so she got her own (bringing the household total to two Fords) as well as her license in 1939. “It was simpler back then. They asked a few written questions. I never took a road test. They just assumed I could drive.”

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All-new NASCAR Fusion scores its first win!

March 9th, 2013

Three cheers for the Ford Fusion – which accomplished it’s mission to put the stock back in “stock car racing.” Carl Edwards drove his all-new Ford Fusion NASCAR race car to its first win in the Subway 500 at Phoenix International Raceway March 3rd.

This marks Ford’s 613th Sprint Cup victory, Edwards’ 20th win after a long dry spell, and the 130th win for Roush Fenway Racing.

According to Edwards: “I thought for the last few laps it was gonna be easy and then they had that caution. It was an awesome restart. Brad Keselowski pushed me and that meant a lot. He stayed in line there and he pushed and we got a Ford to Victory Lane, so I’ve got to thank Brad. I’ve got to thank my crew. These guys were unreal and Subway, this is the Subway Fresh Fit 500. We just won the race in the Subway Ford Fusion. This is insane, very cool.”


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