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The Ford Mustang is Nearly 50 Years Young!

April 5th, 2013

Can you believe the Ford Mustang will soon turn 50? That’s right – and it hasn’t missed a year of production! It had quite the debut in 1964, well beyond its game-changing performance and looks. That first year saw it join the ranks of Indy 500 pace car and also take a lead role in the James Bond flick “Goldfinger.” Steve McQueen ensured the pony car’s spot in movie history when he did “Bullitt” in 1968 (that was a 390 GT model; in 2001, the first Bullitt GT model came on the scene).

The countdown to the 50th anniversary of this very special car has now begun, and we will be doing all sorts of celebrating! That includes 50 companies selling various festive items, such as watches, Ts, a leather jacket and model cars. There will also be a special commemorative 50th anniversary logo. Stay tuned for more!


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