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Gas or Electric? An Easier Choice Than You Think

September 7th, 2012

These days, many people are concerned about fuel economy, and you might be considering an electric vehicle for the first time. Or maybe you’re not sure that you’re ready to venture into that world, although it’s a pretty cool, functional, easy one in which to live. But bypassing an electric vehicle doesn’t mean you’re getting short-changed in the cutting-edge technology or fuel-economy departments. It simply means you’ve weighed your options and made a choice that best suits your needs.

Having choices is what drives the new 2013 Ford Fusion. “Ford is giving customers the power of choice for leading fuel economy regardless of what type of vehicle or powertrain technology they choose,” said Eric Kuehn, Chief Engineer, Ford Global Electrified Programs.

With the new Fusion, choices includes the ability to pick from a normal gas engine, two EcoBoost® engines, a hybrid electric and a plug-in hybrid electric model. But Ford knows engine decision isn’t the only element that helps you personalize your vehicle for your lifestyle, daily tasks and personality. The new sedan will also have features to assist with driving and overall behind-the-wheel enjoyment.

“We call the 2013 Fusion the ‘and’ solution. Customers won’t have to choose between ‘this or that,'” said Eric. “They’ll get great styling, performance and driving dynamics, and they’ll get that great fuel economy.”


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