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Ford Explorer Plays Role in Latest ABC Reality Show

June 28th, 2011

Based in the grand landscape of Morocco, ABC’s brand new reality-adventure show, “Expedition Impossible”, features teams of everyday people doing extraordinary things as they compete in the adventure of their lives! This is also a story of an extraordinary vehicle doing extraordinary things. Through an exclusive partnership with ABC and Executive producer Mark Burnett, Ford provided the 100-percent reinvented Explorer to make the impossible expedition possible.

Executive producer Mark Burnett brings viewers the next chapter in high adventure and human drama in his new show, “Expedition Impossible,” on ABC. Watch all season as the 2011 Explorer plays a prominent role by acting as the contestant’s fourth team member and assumes a major part in many grand challenges and storylines. The terrain in Morocco is breathtaking and unforgiving.

Tune in Thursdays at 9/8c for ABC’s brand new reality-adventure show, “Expedition Impossible”, featuring the 2011 Ford Explorer.

Getting the vehicles to Morocco was an epic adventure in itself. The 13 Explorers were shipped to Marrakech in a private cargo plane and in a surprising twist, they had to be reshipped to Casablanca in order to be properly unloaded. Upon their arrival, they were driven through the countryside to the remote start location to meet their team members!


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